Monday, April 18, 2011

New Book plus First Taste

Today after my son's doctor appointment I went to Barnes and Noble to see if there is anything new. Well I did find a few but just bought one of them.. Have to save money.. Can't help it LOL.. In a couple of months my whole family and I are going to the Philippines to visit my mother-in-law. She wants to see the two kids. She misses them so much :) Well anyway I bought another book called Cupcakes & Muffins by Weldon Owen. I CAN NEVER get enough of any cakes, muffins, dessert, etc cookbooks :)

I bought three more cookbooks last night from Amazon. Can't wait for them to arrive tomorrow. Excited :) I bought the following books:

Also today I can officially say I've tasted my first French Macaron Yay!!! After my son's appointment I yelped for bakeries around the area. Found two.. One didn't have any so I went to the other one called Never too Latte Cafe & Bakery They only had I guess strawberry.. It was pink with white filling in it.. LOL.. I ordered two with white chocolate mocha. Right when I took my first bite I was like OMG this is real good. Hahha.. I tried to make some months back all I can say I did something TOTALLY wrong.. The shells that I made last time is no where near the the ones I bought today. The ones I made were like.. ummm.. well they tasted candy like.. real thin.. it would break very easily to the touch. The ones I bought were thick.. chewy and you can really taste the almond. I can't believe that place I went to makes their own flour to make macarons.. Man I should I bought the rest of it LOL.. making me crave for more.. They only have maybe 10 +/- left.. I think I will try and make some again.. I bought a coffee grinder for grinding nuts LOL.. A food processor may take a lot of space in my kitchen.. And I don't really have that much space left.. I don't even have an electric stand mixer yet :( Need to save some moolah for one..

Spending too much money when I need to save for our trip.. I SO NEED a job :)

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